Health Care & Education System in Canada

Canada's Health Care System

Health care is one of Canada's most attractive advantages. Every Canadian citizen can access universal health care services that are publicly funded by the Canadian Government. This model of care (known to Canadians as "medicare") is based on the principal that prioritizes people's need for care and not their ability to pay for care. Medicare is managed by the federal government, in cooperation with the 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Canada's Education System

Elementary and secondary school education is publicly funded in Canada by Federal, provincial, and local governments. Provinces determine the curriculum of what will be studied in schools. Both English and French language schools are funded. Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that children have a right to receive an education in their first language, even if they live in a minority situation in their community. Private schools do exist in Canada, but parents must pay tuition fees for their children to attend one.

Post-secondary education is subsidized in Canada. That means that individuals are responsible for covering their own tuition and cost of living, but they may apply for a Canada or Provincial Student Loan. These loans are generally offered at lower interest rates and can be paid back over a number of years after the recipient has graduated from college or university.

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