Canadian Culture

Canada is Multicultural

Canada represents diverse cultural backgrounds, races, and religions. This multiculturalism is the result of centuries of immigration. Canada adopted a multicultural policy in 1971, which officially recognizes and values the country's cultural pluralism. It was the first country in the world to adopt a state policy of multiculturalism. This policy is intended to foster openness, tolerance, and pride in Canada's multicultural identity. This concept of a cultural mosaic is in marked opposition to the United-States "melting pot," which encourages assimilation and social integration of immigrants to the "American way."

Canada's multiculturalism is not only a policy, it is a demographic reality. Over 40% of Canadians are from neither English nor French heritage. Most immigrants choose to live in Canada's biggest cities: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. They are attracted to the strong social and cultural immigrant communities where they can join other family members. Other urban areas are becoming increasingly popular as immigration destinations as well. These include Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Mississauga, and Hamilton

Canada's Culture and Leisure

Culture and leisure are important components of Canadian life. Canadians enjoy participating in and learning about the arts, sports, and travel. There is no shortage of things to do and see in Canada recreationally. This is evident in the existence and quality of Canadian museums, national historical sites, art galleries, artists, musicians, theatres, theatre groups, organized sporting opportunities, and venues and recreational destinations.

Safety in Canada

Canada is a peaceful place to live where acts of violence are immediately investigated and dealt with according to the law. There are no wars in Canada. Canada's crime rate is relatively low in the context of international crime statistics. Canadian police are held to a high degree of accountability to ensure they protect the individual safety and abide by and enforce the law consistently and fairly.

Canada's Health Care & Education System